"Work on Your Side Hustle" - Shawn Wilkinson

Shawn Wilkinson has successfully built an innovative solution to cloud storage. His company Storj is a distributed decentralized cloud storage network. Shawn has raised over 3 million dollars and looks to position themselves to take on the Google and the Amazons of the world and become the leader in cloud Storage

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Nashawn Chery
“Take the First Step” - Ryan Wilson

The Gathering Spot’s Founder, Ryan Wilson. The Gathering Spot is an invitation only private membership club with a co-working space, restaurant and bar, and event space where private events are held. As one of one of the co-founders of the gathering spot Ryan is a Georgetown law graduate, who declined job offers out of law school to come back to Atlanta and build. Listen to the story of the Gathering Spot and the lessons Ryan has earned along the way.

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PodcastNashawn Chery