Editor's Choice: April 25th


Editor’s Choice

A Blurb from Push Playlist’s

A Quick Blurb from Push Playlist’s Ibrahim

More music, less noise. A phrase that means more to me now in hindsight than four months ago when I put the expression together. Around the time I started my new life as a software engineer, was the same time that I decided to create Push Playlists with some of my good friends. Push Playlists is a digital media platform dedicated to showcasing how music influences and narrates people’s lives. However, to me, it’s a curatorial piece centered around my friends’ and I love for music.  Although I have no experience in curation, music, journalism, etc (any of this shit), Push Playlists lives on.

Please enjoy the select group of sounds that have defined and soundtracked my life in the last 5 months.

Much Love.